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01 Jan 2014 |


Attack on Titan season 2 Confirmed & comming soon .

Attack on Titan season 2 Confirmed & comming soon .



Attack on Titan season 2 Confirmed.

The Anime “Attack on Titan” or ” Shingeki no Kyojin ” series has become extremely popular these days, as there is a very high number of people who watch daily . From Kuroshitsuji to Kaleido Star and Inuyasha, anime series range is extremely varied and anime artists use different styles to create them.

The Attack on Titan is one of the newest anime series which appeared in 2013 and it was first created by Hajime Isayama . Also known as ” Shingeki no Kyojin ” in Japanese , this anime series follows a plot of action that has a different world from the one we know today, where giant man mangeants destroy people’s lives , by eating for pleasure and not because they are a suitable source of food. However , mankind has managed to survive after they have built walls which were larger than the giants themselves , and thus the city was safe for over 100 years. But when a giant into the city and began to destroy everything around , Eren, a young and to foster sister Mikasa know the most horrible spectacle of their lives : their mother is eaten alive by the giant. Eren promises to start killing all the giants and save people from the terrible action of giants.

The Attack on Titan season 2 .

At this time, the “Attack on Titan” or ” Shingeki no Kyojin ” has only one season, which is composed of about 25 episodes, with three bonus episodes and OVA ( original video animation). The average working time of each episode is 24 minutes and this anime series belongs to different genres and themes , including fantasy , action, horror, tragedy , steampunk, post- apocalyptic, blood, military etc. . While the Attack on Titan anime series is extremely suitable for people and especially teenagers who love this kind of entertainment , it is not recommended for children who are younger than 14 years, as it could have a powerful influence on their behavior , too.

The “Attack on Titan” or ” Shingeki no Kyojin ” is one of the most complex anime series that exists in the present and he held a successful higher places when it comes to action anime . There is a very large number of characters , including Eren, Mikasa , Armin Arlelt , Levi , Ymir and many others. Except giants mangeants man, the rest of the characters has a positive role in the plot anime , as they struggle against these evil creatures to save people from an apocalyptic end might come . However, the number increases constantly giants and terrifying things happen during this time, as Eren and his team are not able to win every single battle .

The creators of this anime series assume that there will be an attack on season 2 Titan in future years. Altogether, this is an anime series of the show ‘s most popular and watched animation in the world, as there are a huge number of people looking on different web sources or downloading directly to their computer . The anime series has many things to offer to observers and it can really teach them one of the most significant in life under : dignity, as Eren fight for justice because the giants have killed his mother in the past.

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January 23rd, 2014



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